Wedding Jitters – How to Deal with Them

The most celebrated event in one’s life is to wed; most especially to the bride that is why “dream weddings” were created. While, weddings can be so exciting and blissful celebration, we can never avoid wedding jitters to exist. However, if everything is well planned from pre-wedding videos to the reception, everything will come smoothly.wedding2

Having those butterflies in the stomach are normal and understandable, but for couples to be wed would want to enjoy that special day of their life, here are some common insights to take note of:

Prepare your checklist

Having a checklist of what to do and what you need can guide you through. Have a sit-down moment with your fiancée of the things that matter to you like your budget, the date, and number of guests. For couples who can splurge on and wanting to have an extravagant wedding, most wedding blogs Australia suggest that you hire a wedding planner and coordinator. This way, you can delegate the things that need to be done within the time line. Your wedding planner will be responsible of contacting the professionals from the venue, caterer, favors, groom’s suit and bride’s gown, invitations, make-up, and up to the team who will take your pre wedding videos, and wedding day photos and videos.

Request for friends and family member’s help                                              

For couples who can’t afford the services of a professional wedding planner and coordinator can request help from family and friends. For sure, they are more than willing to extend help in accomplishing the tasks that’s in your checklist like contacting the team who will take your pre-wedding photos. However, never allow them to dive-in the planning thing because this will only boost the anxiety when you have to consider every suggestion they have. Remember, this is your wedding and not theirs. Wedding jitters exist because there are many heads involved in the actual planning phase. If you want to avoid this, just stick to what you and your spouse-to-be have discussed.

Last minute reservations

This is big NO-NO. Not because you have a coordinator to do the job, and you have to change your mind and cancel things when the wedding date is nearing. The reason for booking in advance is for you to know the availability of the people you need. Just like the people who will take the wedding videos should be contacted months before the wedding date. Take note, you are not the only one who need their services.

In a nutshell, never allow the stress to ruin your wedding day. Again, once you planned it well, everything will come smoothly fine.

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