Treating Cataracts: Laser vs. Traditional Surgery

Cataract, an incapacitating eye condition often occurring with the elderly, is gradually becoming nonexistent today thanks to the different surgical procedures that are quite easy and simple to undergo. The only factor that people think about when in need of this procedure is the Cataract Surgery cost Sydney.

The reality is something as straightforward as this, according to many doctors all over the country: Laser Assisted Cataract surgery is more expensive than doctors’ manually making the incision on the cataract and removing it from the eye. cataract2

Why? Again, the most obvious answer is very simple. Laser Cataract Sydney makes use of high tech machines that are quite expensive to purchase. But it really is more complicated than that.

We have to present other factors that come into play in surgery, especially in cataract removal: efficiency, precision and safety.

Traditional Cataract surgery is done this way: the surgeon makes an incision in between the sclera and the cornea. The cataract, located right behind the pupil is broken down into smaller pieces and removed. The cloudy IOL or intraocular lens is removed and then replaced with a new one.

Cataract Surgery cost Sydney for that procedure is about $1,000 or less per eye. The price varies depending on the additional problems that need to be corrected like Astigmatism.

Laser-assisted surgery, on the other hand, is said to be a better choice because of the three factors presented above: efficiency, precision and safety. The surgeon won’t have to risk adding more injury to the eye because the machine does it all from making the incision in between the sclera and cornea, to targeting just the cataract so that it could be broken down and replacing the intraocular lens.

Laser Eye Surgery Sydney costs around $2,000 or more. The price varies depending on the additional eye problems that need to be corrected and the machine used.

Another factor that should be considered by most would be the effectiveness of each in correcting the existing eye condition as well as minimizing any post-operative consequences like pain and irritation.

Several studies have shown that while Laser-assisted surgery is better when it comes to accuracy and safety, traditional surgery is still as effective (especially if done by an expert in this specific field of surgery) and must not be completely disregarded.

So when it comes to choosing between the two, it really boils down to Cataract Surgery cost Sydney.

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