Representation Companies and Service Providers – Extending a Helping Hand

Members of industries like constructions, law firms, and financial institutions depend on representation and services for most of their business-critical functions as well as compliance to government regulations and legislations. Construction companies depend on representation services for asbestos training of workers and workplace’ health and safety compliance. It’s the partnership between involved industries that allows every corporate service is met effectively.

Services and training providers


Statutory representation or agent in Australia helps any Australian company in meeting lodgment obligation or bond registration. A representation agent acts on behalf of a client company or industry and as member of accredited association in the industry, helps the client company to meet all requirements effectively and to free from any legal liabilities. In construction, white card training companies act as training providers to individuals wanting to enter construction workforce. The representation company ensures all trainings imposed by local council and territories’ regulations and legislations are met. Training courses provide the basic knowledge of construction work as well as health and safety such as asbestos removal, identification and testing courses of all hazards in the work places, the risks and on how they are controlled. Every member of the construction industry has option to either provide the training to their intended workforce however with representation company; the obligation is transferred to lessen the burden and for effective implementation. Industries involved in asbestos removal, testing and identification must ensure their workers have passed asbestos training before they can be employed and join the workforce. In partnership with a representation company, construction companies enjoy dependable and training compliance workers who have excelled at the role and duties they are hired for.

Professional and experienced team

A company needs professional and experienced workforce to carry all of its business functions and related transactions. Hence, partnering with a representation company, it can enjoy highly specialized team of experienced professionals to handle business transactions like legal documentations, securing documentation and data management. A small construction company can also rely on the preparation of builder’s contracts as well as on its builder’s insurance for protection against future disputes and other legal liabilities. Companies are set free from non-compliance issues when in partnership with a representation company. They are provided with workers who have passed trainings and skill testing in areas related to skill upgrading and health and safety regulation like asbestos training, because all trainers are professionals and they have the experience accredited by government and members of associations attached and have regulative authority over the industry.

No man is an island and it’s the principle that representation companies and service providers live by in extending help to the industries they serve.

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