Going Crafty with Quilts

So, you tried sewing and starting to love every bit of it. If the thought of creating something even more wonderful like a quilt has crossed your mind, it is best that you also begin learning everything that you can about wadding and other supplies as well as the techniques involved in quilting.

Starting off with the basics

Unlike the common impression, quilt making is much easier. After learning a few things about the basics, the materials that you need or the materials that are best made into it, and the tools that you must be equipped with, you will have a good go at this craft. Taking your skills several notches higher starts with a few basic ideas, which include wadding.

To start a quilt project, you need to have a few things on hand. First, there is the fabric. Your choice would have to depend on two things: the design pattern and comfort level that you like. Different fabric types have different prints and of course, feel to them. When choosing which fabric, make sure that you are aware of those that are much easier to handle, best to work with wadding, and are ultra attractive to your eyes, based on the pattern you have in mind.

The most ideal fabric choice is 100% cotton. They are easier to use for patchwork and very durable so your masterpiece last long. For those who are making crazy combinations or creating quilts from scrap fabric, no matter what is available is which ones sits well with their pattern idea, it is forgivable to combine different fabric types.

When the fabric and the filling are all set, you will need to prepare threads that are of good quality. Since quilts are mostly bulky, cotton-covered polyester threads or even better, 100% cotton threads are advisable. You also have to choose your needles carefully, making sure they are of the right size range, depending on the thickness of your quilt and the machine you are using. Sewing machines may have different needle suggestions so it is best to check the manual for this.

Now that your materials are ready, only one thing is lacking and that is your machine. It would not hurt to have any ordinary machine equipment at home. But if you are serious about making this hobby more regular, or even transform it into an income-generating business, you must invest on a good value machine such as Husqvarna sewing machines. There is a wide array of choices online to help you find the best deal.

When your materials and tools are on the ready, nothing should stop you from starting. Happy sewing!

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