Trending Wedding Make-up to Look Great in Wedding Photos and Videos

It’s not a sin to be inspired and get creative in your own wedding. You can discuss this with your wedding planner or if you’re completely attending to your own wedding preparations, you can simply get the creative juice flowing starting with wedding make up ideas for gorgeous wedding pictures with the following ideas.

Airbrush make up

wedding-days-3-1431902-640x960Have you ever wonder why wedding planners simply urge brides to consider wedding make-up artists? This is because a wedding planner deeply cares how the bride will look on her wedding videos and album, and she knows that the secret to looking great is in the make-up. With every wedding photographer using HD lenses, it is possible to expose the large pores in the skin in HD images, and that thick and unnatural make-up help show off the ugly and streaky effects.  A bride’s make-up when done unprofessionally can appear smeared and unattractive resulting to unwanted wedding photos and videos. Airbrush make-up for brides simply gets rid of this and it gives a clearer and smoother, and more porcelain effects on brides’ skin.  Using HD foundation and HD make-up, and using an air gun, the bride enjoys a light flawless look as the HD foundation helps in camouflaging blemishes and in covering any skin flaws such as acne scars while maintaining the natural flawless and smooth skin look. Airbrush helps the bride to look like the perfect princess on her wedding day and picture-perfect in her wedding portrait shot in HD.

Playful and bold color make-up

This type of wedding make-up for bride is made under the principle of looking natural while in bold and playful colors. The color is focused on the lips so the bride may have the bright red lipstick or the color that plays along with the wedding theme or mood.  Since the focus is on lip color, foundation is lightweight and natural-looking. Some may bring the colors in nails and some minimal touches on cheeks. The wedding planner has an important role if the bride chooses to be playful on her make-up; this is to ensure the bride looks great while being creative and playful with her make-up and that she looks fresh throughout the day.

Simple and natural make-up

The foundation is lightweight as well as the lip and cheek colors. The result is fresh and natural look. This type of make-up is for a sunny bride who wishes to implore innocent and simplicity. Flowery hairstyling also suits this kind of make-up.

Every bride dreams of being featured in a wedding blog and if you want it to make it happen, start getting creative, bolder, and fresher in your ideas and enjoy the fame and privilege.



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