SEO: How does it Works?

Online marketing has been the hot word around the world for new blood entrepreneurs. Compared to warm body marketing and almost house to house approach of travelling sales men, having the facilities of online marketing gives small businesses almost an equal footing to big corporations that have already settled and dominated both print and broadcast media advertisement.

Online marketing has four basic formats. The first is the blogging network. The second is the online ads market. The third is the social media marketing flat form. And, the fourth is the SEO marketing system.

Blogging Network

Blogs are web pages that contain story, news or information that internet users access for variety of reasons. If the print media has formats like newspapers and magazines, the internet has blogs. Blogs are one stop shop for online surfers, complete with audio visual contents, and it is essentially a fusion of print and broadcast media.

Online Ads Market

Online Ads market is the tank format of online marketing. The pure sales-pitch format is well loved by traditional marketers and is also being employed by big companies. Though effective, this may be costly to avail in the long run.

Social Media Marketing Flat form

Advertising in social media has been the hype of today’s online marketing system. Complete with background information and activity tracking system, social media marketing enables online entrepreneurs to target specific sets of people who will be interested with their product and services. It is essentially a refined version of the Online Ads Marketing but instead of targeting all users, ads are only visible to people within certain category like age group, location, and interests.

SEO Marketing System

Search Engine Optimization or SEO was born by the fact that the World Wide Web is indexed by search engines so that browsing the internet could be systematized. Application of certain algorithms makes indexing of sites specific and arranged. SEO marketing keeps the sites on the top of search list of internet users to gain visibility to possible customers. This is done by providing updated and relevant contents to websites using articles with certain keywords. If an online shop caters to dog lovers and offers services like grooming, then the keywords could be “pet dogs” or “pet dog grooming” to specify service type. If a user searches for the words “pet” or ‘pet grooming” the site will automatically gain hits and will be arranged among the top search results.

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