Put an End to Holiday Blues

If you’re spending the holiday alone (the boyfriend’s out of town or for whatever reason) and you are afraid of getting in the holiday blues, here are some  smart ideas that beat the blues out and lets you enjoy instead of sucking it all up. How about start by perking up your skin with spray tans and make heads turn with that “fake tan” for the holiday? Sounds exciting? Here’s more.

Shop until you drop dead

spraytanShopping makes you forget your boyfriend is away or totally forget about him. But shop for yourself and indulge on everything that you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself like an expensive lingerie or organic skin care bottles or the spray tanning kits for home use that you’ll been struggling to have because of its price tags. Spending for yourself will make you feel good inside and express that bold statement that this time, you’re thinking for yourself alone and the most important person today in your life is YOU! So buy that spray tans even if it will cost you all of your holiday money.

Visit the spa and enjoy it more than usual

Admit it. Going to spa is not a regular in your monthly schedule. For a change, visit your favorite spa or the one that you have been dreaming to have like a full and whole day spa adventure. If you’re near or within Parramata, why not visit spray tanning machines at Parramata.  It’s time to have it and get the perfect spa tan that would make your skin glow. And as the saying goes, perfect tan goes with a new boyfriend! So visit the spa and enjoy it more than the usual.

Enjoy your own home tanning service

If you haven’t tried a home tanning spray, why not use your holiday break to try it and enjoy the adventure. Just make sure you read instructions well and followed it carefully and correctly. Most of these home spray tans are 100% vegan, which means they contain organic ingredients so they’re safe to use. Try to get a beginner-friendly one so not to mess up your first try at this latest fad in getting a fabulous skin tan.

Play video games

If you’re been ignoring hardcore video games, it’s time to give a hand on some of them and understand the reason why gamers spend money and time on games such as Grand Auto Theft, Call of Duty or Poker or blackjack video games. You’ll find new avenues to throw or bend those energies away and forget the holiday blues.

There’s no harm trying these ideas as you surely put an end to your holiday blues.

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