Printer Repair Services in Sydney – Really are Serious With their Business

After Rod, working as an IT Technician in Dubai got in to his Sydney’s hotel, everything about his business trip seemed perfect. The seminar he’s booked commenced well and it got him off better afterwards. However, his world came crushing down when his printer suddenly broke down and immediately rang-up an old Pal living in Sydney for help, asking where to find a printer service Sydney to help him get through the mess. The friend was quick to respond and gave him the number of his regular Sydney printer repair shop.

printer_repair_3He called the old Pal two days after and was very thankful, and invited him for an early dinner before his late night flight back to Dubai. Since they don’t want to cause any delay in his flight, they agreed to meet at the Tap House in Sydney Airport so that both of them could enjoy some Aussie beer. At the table, Rod was very happy telling how happy he was with the printer technician from the printer service Sydney who came over his room to save his printing dilemma.

His printer just won’t print. He tried two and more basic troubleshooting he learned from his laser printer repair back home but his printer just popped-up blank paper.  He was rushing to print his presentation paper and he couldn’t afford any single delay just because his printer is being so stubborn. When the technician came, it took him only a few mutes to tell what’s wrong with his printer. He did some cleaning job on it and he was done after a few minutes. He asked Rod to do sample printing and fresto! He got a clear print copy.

Rod learned that because he’s using a laser printer, this type of printer only has few major parts however, the most troubles come from malfunctioning software and explained more on the nuts and bolts of laser printers. He won’t hear this from printer services back in Dubai who are more after extorting money from customers. He was surprised printer service Sydney practices good business and treats customers as human and not as money-spewing machines. Printer repair services in Sydney are real serious with their business.

Both guys had real good meal and some Aussie beer before parting ways. Rod was still very thankful and joked if he could only bring over his plotter at his office in Dubai and have it repaired by Sydney’s plotter repairs he’ll be more than happy. While it is a joke, Rod might get serious and it just isn’t an impossible thing.

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