Get To Know Closely the Gili Islands of Trawangan, Meno & Air

The world is indeed full of so many beautiful places to visit! There is never a shortage of incredible sights to see and exciting things to enjoy. Accordingly, Gili Islands are one of the fastest growing tourism sites today.

The islands are a dream come true for travelers searching for their perfect paradise. With its turquoise waters, white-sand and luxurious accommodations, they are real must visit places.

In this article, you will find out more reasons why you should try the hotels and accommodation in Gili islands with its other amazing offerings. Get ready to be introduced with the best of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno.

Gili Trawangan

If you are into an urban and rural combination of vacation, then Gili Trawangan is for you. Many know it as the party island because of its nightlife adventures. It is also far the biggest island thus consisting of more restaurants, bars, and other facilities.

Social life is the biggest draw in this Gili Islet. For many years now, there are many different nationalities picking this place as their vacation spot due to it. Adding best accommodations make it more appealing than any other places around it.

Gili Trawangan accommodations offer varieties of quality hotels, villas, and homestays. They range from cheap to the expensive ones that anyone can try. Despite being a busy tourist place, your stay here will still be filled with stunning sceneries and memorable activities.

Gili Air

The next tourist Gili tourist hub is Gili Air. This place is certainly as captivating as any Lombok accommodation but it likewise presents a different taste of island adventure.

Being a well developed but much quieter of all the Gili Islands, backpackers prefer to stay here more. Notably, its approach is more about the local feel. The native life is very much in the kind of accommodations, food, nature view, and other things here.

Largely, Gili Air can be slightly more affordable than Gili Trawangan. Examples of this are the sleeping areas that are only comfortable bungalows. They aren’t as luxurious as those in the first islet but it still has the same level of comfort.

Gili Meno

Are you going for a honeymoon or romantic getaway? You should get a closer look with Gili Island. Relatively, Gili Meno is the least urbanized of all the Lombok islets. It doesn’t have the same bursting facilities of the larger islands but it has the best coral beaches.

Gili Meno is perfect for those who are looking for privacy and tranquility for their vacation. It is a sweet spot to enjoy your first night together or to spend more time with each other’s company.

Accommodations are just bare basics here but it is anyway special in its own way. If you want to can even stay as near in the waters, you will definitely have fun basking in nature with its incredible native bungalows.

Meanwhile, small resorts and hostels are starting to sprout in one of this Gili Islands too. It is just a little far that is on the northwest corner of the place.

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