Factors to Consider When Choosing Business Phone Solutions for Small Business

Your business phone solution is your link to your customers, clients and partners. It allows you to facilitate successful business transactions. If you own a small business, there are several business phone solutions to choose from including the latest business VoIP.  However, you should consider several factors in choosing one that would meet all of your business’ needs.business_voip2

Business size

Size does matter when choosing business phone solutions. Small business will need basic office phone system with basic features needed to conduct business. Examples of these basic phone systems are key-less systems and key systems. These phone systems suit to businesses with 5 to 10 employees. Key-less systems can support 2-4 lines and commonly not permanent and not expandable while key system is a multi-line telephone system with a central key support and is expandable as the business grows. On the other hand, a business VoIP is the latest office phone system that fits any company’s size. A business communication using this system allows a business transaction between offices in different overseas locations through the internet and other IP-based networks.


Cost definitely an essential factor in choosing your business phone system. A small business does not need phone system like PBX although it can support basic and advanced telephone features. There is always a higher upfront cost for this type of phone system. If you’re really under a budget, you can opt for business VoIP that allows you to access free  VoIP software and do all your telephone transactions through internet. You can also opt to VoIP hosted providers. Since the system is virtually managed, there is no need to pay for technical visit when the service is down. The system can also be self-managed and considerably less costly.

Business growth and expansion

Every business wishes growth and expansion. Business communication plays crucial role in a business growth therefore your phone system must easily expand with it. IP phone system is now gaining prominent in the market for a simple reason that medium and small size businesses can facilitate business calls from their subscribed callers in any location with wi-fi hotspots. This allows them to initiate new features and offers to potentials and targeted customers.  On the same premise, VoIP phone system for small business allows companies to get away from additional staff like IT and maintenance, and service billing. With customers’ continuous access to your phone system, your business can communicate directly with your customers with new features and offers to purchase or avail of.

Choosing your phone system shouldn’t be or made complicated. The key is finding one that effectively supports all of your business needs – be it small or large.

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