Business Travel can be smart, and fun!


Travel to Europe is a dream for every aspiring and seasoned traveler. And if you get a chance to visit Europe as a part of your business trip.. whoa! ..wait.. what? an all expense paid “business trip” to Europe? This definitely takes the cake of all business trips! Okay you may not share the same enthusiasm for a trip to Europe and it is not a pleasure trip. But yes, even if it is just a chore for you, you may like to consider some points while planning your trip and your suitcase! We all agree that a trip like this entails high costs on the part of the company, which leads to increased expectations. To accomplish the objectives of such a trip, it is important that you follow some essential travel tips for business travelers to make the most of the opportunity and not be stressed by all the travelling.

Firstly, for any business trip, stick to an essential and comprehensive packing list and focus on travelling light. The packing list should include the necessary electrical equipment that you will have to carry including your cellphone, tablet, laptop etc. Remember to include a European power adapter (and/or a power bank) that fits your charging needs. Apart from these, you may like to carry your hair dryer, electric razors and a travel iron in case your hotel doesn’t provide you one. Your power adapter should work for all these devices.

For clothes, it is best to plan for layers of dressing. This is to prepare you for flights, conferences, etc. which could be either too cold or too warm for you. Include only one or two business suits with black or brown shoes, a jacket and/or a sweater along with essentials such as inner garments. Travelling light is ideal and it is best to have a compact, versatile collection that you can mix and match to suit your daily look. Finally, you can consider a pair of casual outfits and shoes for all the non-work occasions. Following these tips would mean you can comfortable pack these in a compact roller bag and never have to check luggage which also saves you time.

Thinking out of your (packing) box, unless you are fluent in the language of the host, it would be very handy to carry a pocket book of common phrases, translations. You could also bookmark an exchange rate calculator on your phone. Finally, remember to eat healthy before, during and after the plane – remember to have salad, fruit juice, veggies and a lot of water. Also carry pillow, sleep masks and earplugs so you can rest comfortable during your travel time. Keep your luggage close to you and under the seat. Don’t forget to carry your list of contacts for coordination needs and emergency telephone numbers (999, for example).

Europe and its rich heritage give you a lot of opportunities to interact and engage with the hosts’ culture. Get to know the culture and people around you, you will be amused at how much there is to understand. So, remember these travel tips for business travelers, assimilate the culture, develop relationships and make your travel to Europe count.

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